Thursday, January 15, 2015

More Oldie Goldies!

 Helen Kane, the Boop Boop Ba Doop Girl...
her signature song was "I Wanna Be Loved By You,"
written by Herbert Stothart and Harry Ruby, 1928.

 And she is thought to be the inspiration for Betty Boop!

 Leslie "Hutch" Hutchinson,
an American cabaret star of the 20s and 30s,
had a successful career in London...
and had some scandalous affairs with The Royal Family!

 And he's thought to be the inspiration for
the character of "Jack Ross"
on Downton Abbey.
(But Hutch had a much better voice!)

 Der Bingle, circa 1936,
when he starred in "Pennies from Heaven,"
and sang the title song.

 Bing cavorting with Edith Fellows, his co-star,
on the set of "Pennies."

 The Our Gang gang in a promo shot
...more "Pennies" cavorting!

 Fletcher Henderson, 
from Georgia, was raised on classical music
and was going to be a chemist until...

a job with a music publisher led to SWING!
and finally...his own orchestra,
one of the most commercially successful 
African-American Jazz bands of the 1920s. 

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