Friday, December 26, 2014

Fred "Changes Partners"....3rd Installment!

 From Shall We Dance, 1937...
that roller skating dance, 
"Let's Call the Whole Thing Off."

 The infamous feather dress,
in Top Hat, 1937.
Despite the feather debacle (shedding was the problem!),
it remained in the picture,
and Fred sent Ginger a gold feather charm for her bracelet.

 Adele and Fred in The Band Wagon,
on Broadway (1931),
touted as the best revue ever.
It was the team's last musical together.

 From Dancing Lady, 1933,
Fred's first movie.
Here he is with the "dancing lady" herself,
Joan Crawford...and lots of what looks like beer!

 With Cyd Charisse (all 7 feet of her)
in the movie version of The Bandwagon, 1948.

 In Broadway Melody of 1940,
with Eleanor Powell...Fred's most talented dancing partner.
And that's not just MY opinion!

 With Audrey Hepburn, in Funny Face...1957.
Originally one of Fred's first Broadway musicals
(done with Adele in 1927),
the movie paired him with Audrey, 30 years his junior,
and replaced all but 4 songs.
It did not do well.

The Babbit and the Bromide number
from The Ziegfeld Follies,
with Gene! 1946

A PR shot with Shirley Temple, as Rita Hayworth looks on.

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