Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Choose: Philly Story or Society, High?

 The Philadelphia Story (1941) or its musicalized cousin,
High Society (1956)?
The critics enjoyed the tunes of the latter,
but said it had little of the snap, crackle, pop
of the original Katherine Hepburn gem.

 Cole Porter's great music....
here "Well, Did You Evah?" with Frank and BIng.
This song was originally in another Porter show,
DuBarry Was a Lady,
and tossed into this film at the last minute.
I mean, Crosby and Sinatra HAD to have a duet, right?

 Celeste Holm and Frank,
wondering "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"
Time Magazine was not impressed:
"Kelly lacks the gawky animal energy that 
Katharine Hepburn brought to the 1941 movie, 
Crosby saunters through the part rather sleepily, 
without much of the old Bing zing, 
and Sinatra plays the reporter like a dead-end kid with a typewriter."

Movie poster...
selected scenes to "whet" the appetite!

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