Monday, December 8, 2014

Playlist for Sunday, Dec. 14th, 2014: Murder, I Said!

Back to LIVE Broadway at its Best this Sunday...and I think I'm in love with Betty come I never heard her sing a little song called "Murder, He Said"?  I mean, this is an insane Jimmy McHugh (music)/Frank Loesser (lyrics) song, and with La Hutton's gesticulations and SOLID-he-said stage persona, it's a real wowser. 

As always, we'll hear from a few mega musicals, like Fiddler and Camelot, along with the Quirky, like The Rothschilds and The Apple Tree...yes, that's Alan Alda, singing (in The Apple Tree) about Forbidden Love (in Gaul) with Barbara Harris.  That's a real 60s time-piece...tremendously popular in its day, but now? 

Also we'll have a bit of West Side Story, some selections from both the original Broadway production and the movie.  Richard Beymer, who was cast as Tony in the movie version, was actually dubbed by Jimmy Bryant...why they didn't cast actual singers is beyond me!  Marni Nixon (of course) sang for Natalie....and BTW: Also auditioning for the Tony role was Warren Beatty, Anthony Perkins, Bobby Darin, Dennis Hopper...and ELVIS!  And they picked Richard???  Not that I can see Elvis as anything but a carnival barker/race car driver/ukulele strummer, but RICHARD?

And a few of my perennial favorites: Sondheim, Zero, Doris, Danny, and....BETTY!  Next week, Christmas, I promise...

Tradition (Zero Mostel, Company, Fiddler on the Roof)
Opening (Instrumental, West Side Story)
Maria (Jimmy Bryant, West Side Story)
I Feel Pretty (Carol Lawrence, West Side Story)
Gee, Officer Krupke (Ensemble, West Side Story)
Camelot (Richard Burton, Camelot)
The Simple Joys of Maidenhood (Julie Andrews, Camelot)
If Ever I Would Leave You (Robert Goulet, Camelot)
How to Handle a Woman (Richard Burton, Camelot)
I Remember (Charmian Carr, Evening Primrose)
I Remember That (Tracie Bennett, Mark Haddigan, Saturday Night)
Uptown, Downtown (Craig Lucas, Marry Me a Little)
Every Day a Little Death (Patricia Elliot, Victoria Mallory, A Little Night Music)
Shaking the Blues Away (Doris Day, Love Me or Leave Me)
Murder, He Says (Barbara Hutton, Command Performance, Armed Forces Radio)
Ten Cents a Dance (Doris Day, Love Me or Leave Me)
Thanks for the Memory (Bob Hope, Shirley Ross, The Big Broadcast of 1938)
This Little Penny (Danny Kaye, Five Little Pennies)
Stranded Again (John Cullum, Ensemble, On the Twentieth Century)
Veronique (Madeline Kahn, John Cullum, On the Twentieth Century)
Repent (Imogene Coca, On the Twentieth Century)
Little Tin Box (Howard DaSilva, Fiorello!)
Forbidden Love (in Gaul) (Alan Alda, Barbara Harris, The Apple Tree)
Ice Cream (Barbara Cook, She Loves Me)
Everything (Hal Linden, Ensemble, The Rothschilds)
Matchmaker (Julie Migenes, Ensemble, Fiddler on the Roof)
If I Were a Rich Man (Zero Mostel, Fiddler on the Roof)
Far From the Home I Love (Julia Migenes, Fiddler on the Roof)
To Life (Zero Mostel, Michael Granger, Company, Fiddler on the Roof)

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