Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Leslie Townes Hope...But Bob to Us!

 Born in London, raised in Cleveland,
Leslie took singing and dancing lessons,
and later performed a duo in Vaudeville theatres with
Mildred Rosenquist, in the 1920s.
He won a Charlie Chaplin impersonator contest
back in 1915, and supposedly bought a stove for his mom,
with his winnings!

 With Shirley Ross in The Big Broadcast of 1938...
singing "Thanks for the Memory."
(Written by Ralph Rainger and Leo Robin)

 Leslie, who changed his name to Bob once he became popular,
played  radio announcer, Buzz Fielding (!), aboard the S.S. Gigantic,
juggling 3 ex-wives...Shirley Ross (wife Number 1) gets him back in the end!

 The song (and the duo who sang it)
proved so popular that they built a movie around it!
Now he gets top billing...just 1 year later.

A career that spanned 60 years...
with over 70 movies!
Bob lived to 100, with 1 wife...Dolores.

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