Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Sampler!

 "We Need a Little Christmas," from 
the original production of Mame...1966.
Angela, Jane Connell, Sab Shimono, Frankie Michaels

 "Turkey Lurkey Time," 
with Donna McKechnie, center...
Promises, Promises, 1968.

 Liza, in that DRESS!
I don't think she was actually doing these moves
to "Ring Them Bells,"
but you never know.
From Liza with a Z, 1972.

 Alan Sherman...
who'll be in our Christmas show finale,
with "The Twelve Gifts of Christmas."
And finally...Stan Freberg, and his "Christmas Dragnet."
Stan has been a voice actor in cartoons,
an advertising slogan-meister,
political satirist, and song writer...
and he's still going strong at 88!

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