Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Playlist for Sunday, July 27, 2014: Ode to Elaine

 So Elaine Stritch had to go and die on me.  She loved her audiences, I know she did, but still she had to leave us, run all the way to Detroit for god's sake, and then die. Living in a world without an Elaine to lean on, I mean how in hell are we supposed to do that? She was our piss and vinegar, our little old fashioned thumb-your-nose at the world grande dame.  Dieing shouldn't even be an option for those types!

So now all we have are these recordings, to keep us going at 3am when we need either a scotch or a bromide or both. "She was at her best when she was sour and seething," said somebody...and in the past week, we have noticed that anybody who was/is anybody has an Elaine quote, an Elaine witticism, an Elaine story to tell in the locker room.  Well, she was like that: Acerbic, salty, sexy, shocking, and story-inspiring. Wasn't she great?

This show is an ode to Elaine...an hour of Stitch-iness.  If I didn't include your favorite, my apologies...just know that I shoe-horned as many as possible into this short little hour.  I'll play more.  For the rest of my life.

There's No Business Like Show Business (Elaine Stritch at Liberty)
Are You Having Any Fun? (Stritch)
Civilization (Angels in the Wings)
Why Do the Wrong People Travel? (Sail Away)
Useless Useful Phrases (Sail Away)
I Never Know When (Goldilocks)
Broadway Baby (Elaine Stritch at Liberty)
I'm Still Here (Elaine Stritch at Liberty)
Easy Street (Stritch)
Later Than Spring (Sail Away)
You Took Advantage of Me (On Your Toes)
The Ladies Who Lunch (Company)
The Party's Over (Elaine Stritch at Liberty)

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