Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Playlist for Sunday, July 20, 2014: Eartha ...a go go!

Well, I got on an Eartha Kitt spree this week...That Bad Eartha album of 1954 and "I Want to Be Evil."  Man, I never heard that song before!  I know I'm cheating again, but at least we'll frame those song entries with her Broadway "Monotonous" from New Faces of 1952, and if we have time, "The Wild Party." Can't help myself...

And  what else is on the agenda? Two from "On the Twentieth Century," with Imogene Coca and John Cullum leading "Five Zeros" and a diva-esque Madeline Kahn singing "Never!"  This is a relatively new find for me, which is absurd, as I love Cy Coleman and was actually living in NYC when this show opened (1978).  And yet I had to wait almost 40 years to discover it?  Shame, shame. Evidently Cy almost refused to work on the thing, thinking it would end up being "a 1920's pastiche," and he didn't like that idea.  However, he came up with a comic opera to fit the over-the-top characters...a silent movie director, Oscar Jaffe, down on his luck but with a "cunning plan," his creation and now megaSTAR, Lily Garland who hates everything about him, and escaped mental patient Letitia Primrose, who has pledged her money to Jaffe's next movie....all heading to the coast aboard The Twentieth Century Express!

And stick around for our "Legally Blonde" finale..."Blood in the Water." It's not just on the train!  :)

We Dance (Ensemble, Once on This Island)
Popular (Kristin Chenowith, Idina Menzel, Wicked)
Seasons of Love (Ensemble, Rent)
I'm Not That Smart (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling
Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now (Marissa Jaret Winokar, Harvey Fierstein, Ensemble,
Uptown, Downtown (Craig Lucas, Marry Me a Little)
What More Do I Need? (David Campbell, Lauren Ward, Ensemble, Saturday Night)
Since You Stayed Here (Rebecca Luker, Brownstone)
Five Zeros (John Cullum, Imogene Coca, George Coe, On the Twentieth Century)
Never! (Madeline Kahn, George Coe, On the Twentieth Century)
Monotonous (Eartha Kitt, New Faces of 1952)
I Want to Be Evil (Eartha Kitt, That Bad Eartha)
C'est Si Bon (Eartha Kitt, That Bad Eartha)
Blood in the Water (Michael Rupert, Ensemble, Legally Blonde)

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