Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Rene System

 Rene Auberjonois, born in 1940,
grew up in France, England, and the US,
with painters, writers and nobleman in his family tree
(seems crowded, right?).
During his teen years, 
his family lived in an artist community in Rockland County,
where he rubbed elbows (and flexed acting biceps)
with John Houseman, Helen Hayes and Burgess Meredith.
How could he NOT have become an actor?
Above, Rene as Buddy Fiddler in City Of Angels,
with Randy Graff.
We'll hear "The Buddy System"...
the role brought him a Tony back in 1989.

Initial forays on Broadway
included Coco, with Katherine Hepburn.
The year was 1970,
the hair was long and flowing,
and despite of the fact that Coco flopped in under 2 months,
30-year-old Rene got his first Tony from it.

 1970 was also the year Rene appeared in M*A*S*H,
as Father John Patrick "Dago Red" Mulcahy.

With Faye Dunaway in
The Eyes of Laura Mars, 1978.
 Other "Rene" movies...
McCabe & Mrs. Miller, King Kong, Inspector Gadget,
Batman Forever and more! 

 Guesting on
The Jeffersons (1975-85).
Other TV series that Rene guested on included
The Rockford Files, Hart To Hart, The Outer Limits,
Night Gallery, Frasier, L.A. Law, Grey's Anatomy
and Madam Secretary
(plus 17,000 more)... Benson,
in which Rene played Clayton Endicott III, on right!

 One of the biggest series of Rene's career
was Deep Space Nine
and a long lasting Star Trek connection.
Above, Rene as Odo.

 In Boston Legal, above on left,
with Candice Bergen and a bunch of suits...
in grey of course is William Shatner
(nice Star Trek connection)!

Rene has also done extensive voice acting:
Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid,
several video game characters, and book narrations.
He was GOING to do the recent revival of She Loves Me
on Broadway, but bowed out. 
He would have been super. :)
Rene now lives in California.

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