Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Playlist For Sunday, March 12, 2017: NUTS!

 It's Musical Insanity Week here on 2 On The Aisle... A mini-salute, shall we say: Hail to the Crazies. The bells-on, tap-dancing, cute kind of Musical Crazy.  A theme brought on (like a bad case of La Grippe) by our present crazy world, which deserves a "Crazy World" toxic cleanse. And we can do that (or possibly defuse it, at least) with Broadway Crazy and Broadway Nut Job, be it a song or a character. Some I haven't included because they really ARE crazy, but I like when a character has something neurotic to inspire/spring from, like a loose screw or a slinky "walking" down the stairs. (Why am I now singing THAT jingle?) 

We'll also be misbehaving and running wild, which seems like a determinant OR an outcome (of Crazy), or sometimes just lifting an eyebrow over a subtle weird lyric or mixed metaphor. Enjoying the wordsmithery of the Davids (Zippel and Yazbek), and pithery of Comden/Green (were they one or two people? As a youth, I thought them 1, like Fredastaire). Imogene, Dody (now THERE'S a ga-ga nickname), Brooks Ashmanskas, Kenneth Mars...they'll all show up with crazy pitches/timbres/timber!

Ah, Broadway Crazy...would that was all we had to deal with. Reaching its peak just after intermission, and all cured (or found charming!) by curtain call. I think I'll revisit THIS asylum soon! :)

 You Could Drive A Person Crazy (Donna McKechnie, Susan Browning, Pamela
          Myers, Company)
Be Like The Blue Bird (Joel Grey, Anything Goes)
It's De Lovely (Colin Donnell, Laura Osnes, Anything Goes)
Blow, Gabriel, Blow (Sutton Foster, Ensemble, Anything Goes)
Let's Misbehave (Eileen Rodgers, Kenneth Mars, Anything Goes)
Why Can't You Behave? (Lisa Kirk, Harold Lang, Kiss Me Kate)
Let's Misbehave (Irving Aaronson and His Commanders)
Let's Misbehave (Brooks Ashmanskas, Helene Yorke, Bullets Over Broadway)
They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me (Marin Mazzie, Bullets Over Broadway)
Runnin' Wild (Marilyn Monroe, Some Like It Hot)
Runnin' Wild (Company, Bullets Over Broadway)
Double Talk (Gregg Edelman, City Of Angels)
You Can Always Count On Me (Randy Graff, City Of Angels)
The Buddy System (Rene Auberjonois, City Of Angels)
K-ra-zy For You (Harry Groener, Bruce Adler, Crazy For You)
Crazy 'Bout Ya' Baby (Ensemble, Forever Plaid)
Crazy People (The Boswell Sisters, Big Broadcast of 1932)
I'm Calm (Jack Gilford, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum)
Crazy World (Julie Andrews, Victor/Victoria)
Crazy He Calls Me (Audra McDonald, Lady Day At Emerson's Bar And Grill)
Thanks A Lot, But No Thanks (Dolores Grey, It's Always Fair Weather)
The Queen Of Terre Haute (Peggy Cass, Fifty Million Frenchmen)
Oh, To Be A Movie Star (Barbara Harris, The Apple Tree)
Someone Is Sending Me Flowers (Dody Goodman, Shoe String Revue)
I Just Can't Wait (Orson Bean, Subways Are For Sleeping)
Repent (Imogene Coca, On The Twentieth Century)
All About Ruprecht (John Lithgow, Norbert Leo Butz, Dirty Rotten
Her Is (Megan Lawrence, Peter Benson, The Pajama Game)
Hey There (Kelli O'Hara, Harry Connick Jr., The Pajama Game)
Hernando's Hideaway (Company, The Pajama Game)

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