Friday, March 31, 2017

Louisa, Oscar, Mad Women, and Judy, Judy, Judy

 Nanette Fabray as "Louisa," 
with Fred Astaire in The Band Wagon,
the movie version, done in 1953,
which had the music of Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz.
Of course we ALL know that first it was indeed
 a Broadway musical, done in 1931,
 starring Fred and his sis, Adele, and Frank Morgan.
That show had "Louisa" and "Dancing In The Dark",
but several songs were later concocted especially for the movie
including..."That's Entertainment".
"By Myself" and "Triplets" 
were originally part of  a show called "Between The Devil"
done in 1937.

 Nanette and Oscar (almost) at the piano,
and below with Jack Buchanan (in blue) and Fred,
with "That's Entertainment".
Jack was 63 at the time...and Fred, 54.

 More piano-ed Oscar, here with Gene Kelly
in An American In Paris:
"Tra La La!"
Why do I find Oscar so attractive? 

 A bit of Spring (the noxious version)
from Jerry Herman's Dear World,
a musical based on The Mad Woman Of Chaillot,
starring Angela Lansbury as said "Mad Woman."
Our flop of the day?
Tune in to find out!

 Judy Holliday and Sydney Chaplin
in the original staged version of Bells Are Ringing...
we'll hear "Just In Time" on Sunday...
what do you think of the set (below)?
Compared to the "bells" and whistles of today's
Broadway, it ain't much to write home about.
But those painted back drops did show a certain charm
(and A LOT of talent)!

The "Just In Time" number
from the movie,
with Dean Martin and Judy...with a similar bridge!
This is just before she tore her dress to shreds
for that "Drop That Name" number.
I always felt bad for the dress.

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