Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Playlist For Sunday, December 4, 2016: All I Want For Christmas

Am I getting old?  Or do I just want to climb into a time machine and beam myself back to 1935, where ladies wore hats and gloves (and a clutch to match)? Do I want to live in a 1926 year old bubble and pretend nothing else past WWII matters? I mean, I do have a Noel Coward smoking jacket which I walk around in, a cigarette holder (no cigs) I toy with devastatingly, and if I play THIS music, I might be able to (like the hero of Time And Again) transport myself back to the time of Snazzy, Snappy, and Class Up To The Eye Teeth.

So that's it, folks. We're doing it on Sunday.  Dial the Timey Wimey Machine to the days of flappers and bread lines...but the musical kind, so no one leaves without the girl of their dreams or...bread.  If you don't like scratchy gramophone sounds, if you don't like no bananas or someone nagging you to wear your overcoat or blue skies (or blue rooms, for that matter!), forget it. Don't tune in. Go listen to Beyonce. (Did I spell that right?)

We'll have those "new" shows that adore "old" shows so much, they'll actually sink to stealing songs (Bullets Over Broadway)(42nd Street). I respect that.  Then some parody shows (Dames At Sea) (The Boyfriend)(The Drowsy Chaperone) with songs that sound like they're fresh off the 1928 press, but with a wink and a slap.  And then the real thing...Annette Hanshaw, Eddie Cantor, Helen Kane, Elsie Carlisle, singing the oldie moldies.

Makes me want to trade this laptop in for an Underwood (black) and a fountain pen (gold). That would go perfectly with my smoking jacket. Hmmm....Santa?? 

Tiger Rag (Helene Yorke, Ensemble, Bullets Over Broadway)
Choo-Choo Honeymoon (Sally Stark, Joseph R. Sicari, Dames At Sea)
Choo Choo Love (Jim Stanek, Porters, Kitty's Kisses)
Shuffle Off To Buffalo (Karen Prunczik, Joseph Bova, 42nd Street)
A Room In Bloomsbury (John Hewer, Julie Andrews, The Boy Friend)
The Blue Room (The Revelers, The Girl Friend)
There's A Small Hotel (Bobby Van, Kay Couter, On Your Toes)
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You (Vincent Pastore, Helene York, Bullets Over
Let's Misbehave (Brooks Ashmanskas, Helene Yorke, Bullets Over Broadway)
Yes, We Have No Bananas (Company, Bullets Over Broadway)
Button Up Your Overcoat (Helen Kane, Follow Thru)
Mary's A Grand Old Name (James Cagney, Yankee Doodle Dandy)
The Band Played On (Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians)
Show Off (Sutton Foster, The Drowsy Chaperone)
I Am Adolpho (Danny Burstein, The Drowsy Chaperone)
Toledo Surprise (Company, The Drowsy Chaperone)
Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You (Ida Sue McCune, Billy May)
What The Well Dressed Man In Harlem Will Wear (Corporal James Cross,
       This is The Army)
I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen (Cpl.Earl Oxford & Co., This Is
       The Army)
How'd You Like To Spoon With Me? (Angela Lansbury, Till The Clouds Roll By)
Little Mary Sunshine (Eileen Brennan, Little Mary Sunshine)
Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life/I'm Falling In Love With Someone (Marc Kudisch,
       Angela Christian, Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Colorado Love Call (Eileen Brennan, William Graham, Little Mary Sunshine)
Mandy (Eddie Cantor, Ethel Merman, George Murphy, Ann Sothern,
       Kid Millions)
Blue Skies (Al Jolson, The Jazz Singer)
Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries (Walt Harrah & Friends, George White's
       Scandals of 1931)
The Clouds Will Soon Roll By (Elsie Carlisle & The Ambrose Orchestra)
Lunching At The Automat (Judy Kaye, Jeffrey Denman, Face The Music)
You're The Cream In My Coffee (Annette Hanshaw, Hold Everything)
Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee (Kevin Chamberlain, Judy Kuhn, Paula
        Newsome, Howard McGillian, Face The Music)
Getting Out Of Town (Carole Cook, Joseph Bova, 42nd Street)
I'm Young And Healthy (Lee Roy Reams, Wanda Richert, 42nd Street)
Finale (Jerry Orbach, Company, 42nd Street)

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