Thursday, November 3, 2016

Just One Of The Guys!

 Richard Kiley...the original MAN of La Mancha.
Talk about a smasheroo,
the original production of 1965 ran for almost 3,000 performances
and won 5 Tonys, including Best Musical.
It's been revived 4 times on Broadway,
plus a movie with Peter O'Toole and James Coco.
Mitch Lee did the memorable melodies, 
but despite other Broadway attempts,
his only other claim to fame is the jingle "Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee"!
 Tony Randall's only Broadway musical:
Oh, Captain!
Jay Livingston and Ray Evans did the tunes,
yes, the same Jay and Ray who wrote "Mona Lisa" and "Que Sera Sera".
The show lasted about 6 months,
and Tony was hailed for his dancing! :)

 Bob Holliday, waiting for his entrance in
It's A Bird...It's A Plane...It's Superman.
As strong as he was, 
he couldn't save this Charles Strouse/Lee Adams show,
 which had about 120 performances back in 1966.
We'll hear "The Strongest Man In The World".

 "I'm A Bad, Bad Man"...Ray Middleton,
who played the original Frank Butler in Annie, Get Your Gun.
That song was left out of the movie version 
with Howard Keel,
though I think Howard would have done a great job on this song!

 Dakin Matthew as Joe in
Sara Bareilles' Waitress, above with Jessie Mueller (said Waitress).
The reviewer from Time Out New York called the show
 "an excellent ratio of sweet to tart with supporting characters who provide crustiness (Dakin Matthews’s grumbly store owner) and
cooked-to-perfection staging by Diane Paulus. 
The whole dish is—please forgive me—love at first bite."
The rest of reviews weren't quite so "edible".

 Gary Burghoff as Charlie Brown
(as in "You're A Good Man...") and Reva Rose as Lucy.
The show ran Off Broadway for 4 years,
at Theatre 80 in the East Village 
(which is now a yoghurt stand...really!)
Walter Kerr called the musical a "miracle,
where everything works, probably because everything is effortless."

 "Physical Fitness"
from All-American, 
which starred Ray Bolger (no, he's not part of this human pyramid).
More music by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams,
and a book by youngster Mel Brooks.

Robert Goulet was 27 years old
when he was cast as Lancelot in Camelot,
with Julie and Richard.
Hopefully he had the same amount of chutzpah
as his character ("C'est Moi!"),
cuz acting with these stars? Wow. Happy Debut, Bob!

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