Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Playlist for November 27, 2016: Pass the gorgonzola!

Have you had enough turkey? No, I'm not talking about the President Elect (hah!), I'm talking the Thanksgiving one...well, by Sunday (when you hear this playlist come to audio life), I'm sure you'll be stuffed to the eyes. So my musical "feast" may fall on deaf ears and plugged arteries, but listening to songs about food is totally fat free. In fact, if you dance "around the living room" (A Chorus Line line...right? Try to keep up!), you'll actually work off calories and it'll all even out. Yes, we have a couple of sets about Food Glorious Food, just before the toothpick and ice cube fast I foresee, which may have to last til the next major holiday.

Some new goodies litter the landscape as well: a side of ham from Honeymoon In Vegas (by Jason Robert Brown? He of the Mood Serieux? Writing about dancing-Danza mobsters and parachuting Presley impersonators?), and the new(est) revival, a bon-bon or two from She Loves Me. The sleazy 70s of Cy Coleman (Seesaw), the quirky Ukrainiacs of the 80s (A Day In Hollywood, A Night In The Ukraine). And in this corner, Merry Mary Martin battling it out with Lovely Leslie Odom, Jr., twin-spinning an R&H favorite ("Favorite Things"), like apple pie meets bananas foster (with FLAMES!).

Something for everyone. We are what we are/eat.

We Are What We Are (Gene Barry, Ensemble, La Cage Aux Folles)
Food, Glorious Food (Ensemble, Oliver)
Vanilla Ice Cream (Laura Benanti, She Loves Me)
It Couldn't Please Me More (A Pineapple) (Lotte Lenya, Jack Gilford,
Bread (Alun Armstrong, Company, The Baker's Wife)
Coffee Shop Nights (Daniel Hyde-Pierce, Jill Paice, Curtains)
That's The Way It Happens (Isabel Bigley, Bill Hayes, Me And Juliet)
Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm (Bonnie Scott, How To Succeed In
     Business Without Really Trying)
The Cake I Had (Mary Louise Wilson, Christine Ebersole, Grey Gardens)
Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee (Enric Madriguera And His Orchestra)
I Love Betsy (Rob McClure, Honeymoon In Vegas)
The Invitation/Forever Starts Tonight (Tony Danza, Rob McClure, Brynn
      O'Malley, Honeymoon In Vegas)
Come To An Arrangement (Tony Danza, Rob McClure, Honeymoon In Vegas)
Airport Song (Tracee Beazer, Gaelen Gilliland, George Merrick,
      Honeymoon In Vegas)
Welcome To Holiday Inn (Michele Lee, Seesaw)
Seesaw (Ensemble, Seesaw)
It's Not How You Start (Tommy Tune, Seesaw)
Good Morning, Good Day (Ensemble, She Loves Me)
Try Me (Nicholas Barasch, Byron Jennings, She Loves Me)
A Trip To The Library (Jane Krakowski, Michael McGrath, She Loves Me)
Twelve Days To Christmas (Ensemble, She Loves Me)
I Love A Film Cliche (Stephen James, A Day In Hollywood, A Night In The
Doin' The Production Code (Ensemble, A Day In Hollywood...Ukraine)
Natasha (David Garrison, Peggy Hewitt, Ensemble A Day in Hollywood
My Favorite Things (Mary Martin, The Sound Of Music)
My Favorite Things (Leslie Odom, Jr., Simply Christmas)
With You On My Arm (Gene Barry, George Hearn, La Cage Aux Folles)
The Best Of Times Is Now (George Hearn, Elizabeth Parrish, Company,
      La Cage Aux Folles)

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