Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Betsy Does Vegas

 Honeymoon in Vegas, Broadway Style.
With Tony Danza as mobster kingpin, Tommy Korman,
Byrnn O'Malley as Betsy
and Rob McClure as Jack.
It opened on Broadway in January of 2015,
and despite some favorable reviews, vamoosed in April of the same year.
Music and Lyrics, Jason Robert Brown.

 Ben Brantley called the show, "bright and bouncy...
a real-live, old-fashioned, deeply satisfying Broadway musical 
in a way few new shows are anymore." 
And of Jason's score he said, 
"His songs seamlessly propel plot
 and define character in the way numbers did in the 
heyday of Rodgers and Hammerstein."

 While Tommy makes time with Betsy,
a desperate Jack tries to get back to Vegas
(with no help from the major airlines)
with a phalanx of Elvis impersonators
who are planning a parachute jump into the casinos.
(Yes, another critic called it "damn farcical".)

 A national tour, with Tony Danza, followed.
For all I know, they're still out there...

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