Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Creators of Pump Rock

 Mark Hardwick as L.M.,
one of the founders/creators/stars
of Pump Boys And Dinettes.
Mark and Jim Wann started off playing country songs
at the Cattleman Lounge near Grand Central.
They created an act, and like any living thing,
it grew in all directions to become Pump Boys and Dinettes.

 The original cast posing with ardent fans:
Debra Monk (in red on the left), John Foley in blue,
next to John Schimmel in cap, Mark on the right.
Center is Jim Wann with his thumb UP!, and Cass Morgan in red.

 Once they moved to Broadway,
they needed understudies!
A great photo of the original cast and their replacements.

Mark Hardwick went on to create
Oil City Symphony and Radio Gals with Mike Craver.
A consummate musician,
insane pianist, mugger extraordinaire...
who died at the age of 39 from AIDS.

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