Saturday, May 7, 2016

And Along With Mom...

 Babs was 19...and received a Tony nom for her Broadway debut
in I Can Get It For You Wholesale.
Miss Marmelstein X 4! 

 Stubby Kaye and the whole town of Dogpatch
in Lil Abner...
Below William Lanteau as Available Jones,
"Edith" Adams as Daisy Mae and 
Charlotte Rae as Mamie Yokum.
Reviewers called the show a weird combination
of clever, satiric lyrics (a nod to Johnny Mercer)
 coming out of the mouths
of characters who weren't supposed to be all that clever.
Michael Kidd's direction and dances got most of the praise.

 I know Rochester native, John Lithgow,
is tall, but is Norbert Leo Butz really that short?
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, from 2004,
adapted from the 1988 movie
with Michael Caine and Steve Martin.

 Above Gregory Jbara, who played Andre (Lawrence's bodyguard)
in "Dirty"and Joanna Gleason, as Muriel...
 We'll hear Gregory's "Chimp In A Suit"
and "Oklahoma?"
sung by Sara Gettlefinger (below)
as Jolene.
(*Interesting side note: Sara played "Little Edie"
in the off-Broadway start up of Grey Gardens,
but was replaced by Erin Davie prior to the Broadway move!)
"The More We Dance"
with "Ruprecht" in a chair,
while John and Sherie Rene Scott (America's Soap Queen")
take to the dance floor.
Panned by reviewers
("vulgar"..."hokey"..."silly, but not in a good way")
but they loved it in London, and it's keeping a lot of actors at work
in touring companies.

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