Thursday, May 26, 2016

Son, no SEAN...of Promises, Promises

 Jerry Orbach, Jill O'Hara and Edward Winter
 in the orginal production of Promises, Promises, 1968.
A book by Neil Simon (it was based on his screenplay for
The Apartment),
music Burt Bacharach, and lyrics Hal David.

 Also in the cast, Donna McKechnie (center)...
performing Turkey Lurkey Time,
a hard song to really LOVE, okay?
But the combo of Bacharach and David brought
soft 60s pop to Broadway, and for the most part it worked.
It lasted 4 years...and brought Jerry a Tony.

 A couple of posters from the original show.
Why do I keep thinking of James Bond?

 The 2010 revival,
with Sean Hayes and Kristen Chenowith
fared worse...less than 300 performances.
Maybe cuz Sean really can't sing.
Below with Katie Finneran who played Marge,
the only Tony winner this time at bat.

This poster... pizzazz.
Maybe it was the poster's fault.

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