Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ron Taylor, 1952-2002

 Ron Taylor:
Singer, Actor, Creator.
 He started off as the Cowardly Lion in The Wiz (1977)
and followed that up as
 the voice of Audrey II in the Off Broadway production
of Little Shop of Horrors,
a role he would play for 5 years.
 Ron's musical tastes were rooted in the blues,
forming his own blues band, The Nervis Brothers,
and helping create (and star in)
Ain't Nothin' But The Blues (1999).
Ron suffered a mini-stroke during the course of the show,
but was back at it five weeks later.
A heart attack would fell him in 2002.
Above, Ron with Gretha Boston in that show.

 When you're asked to do a Star Trek cameo,
you know you've made it...
Ron played a Klingon chef in a second season episode
of Deep Space 9.

 Group shot (including Audrey at her largest!)
of Little Shop of Horrors, 1982.
Ron is left of "The Plant"
with the Feed Me shirt on.

And while we're "Little Shopping",
the doo-wop singers who kept that show exciting...
Melodee Savage, Leilani Jones, and Jennifer Leigh Warren.

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