Saturday, February 20, 2016

More Sunday Lonely, Yearning Misery...

 Lonesome Polecat,
all those brothers without their brides...
Russ Tamblyn, Tommy Rall, Jacques D'Amboise,
a passle more, and some really well painted scenery.
Music Saul Chaplin and Gene DePaul, Lyrics Johnny Mercer.
They tried several years later to turn it into a staged musical
on Broadway.
Didn't work out.

 I'm All Alone...
But King Arthur is never without his Patsy.
Tim Curry and Michael McGrath, in Spamalot.

 Oil City Symphony,
the off-Broadway creation of Mike Craver,
Mark Hardwick (standing), 
Mary Murfitt (at the piano with guest, Neil Sedaka) 
and Debra Monk.
 Sort of a sequel to Pump Boys, Oil City was a tribute 
to an old favorite music teacher.
We'll hear "My Ol' Kentucky Rock And Roll Home."
Carol Burnett missing her "Swamps Of Home"
from Once Upon A Mattress.
Don't you think of YOUR hometown when she sings this?

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