Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Playlist for Sunday, February 21, 2016: Buck Up, Bub!

Alone. Homesick. Depressed. Cranky.  A bit rough 'round the edges. Sleazy horns, heartfelt harmonicas, dark, dank, and just plain rotten....Broadway can be that way sometimes. Hey, it's all about the Human Condition, right? An echo of all we go thru, albeit with tap shoes. And what else is Februarararay good for? Certainly not spelling. Once you get passed Valentines Day (or perhaps you CAN'T get passed Valentines Day), what else is there? If you can't get depressed in this month...plus PLUS it's frickin' Leap Year, so we must sulk thru an extra day!? 

But Broadway's therapeutic. Maybe listening to someone else's musical gloom is just what we need to help us pick up that baton again, pretend we have a waist, and parade down Long Pond Rd.  So we'll hear some noir (City Of Angels), some lonesome "brothers" (Seven Brides), some dirty backstabbing columnists (Sweet Smell Of Success) and "Bounce" back! The count to April 1st is now less than 45 days, so nurse those mood swings and buck up.  This is Broadway, bub! 

Prologue - Theme From The City Of Angels (James Naughton, Ensemble,
             City Of Angels)
Ev'rybody's Gotta Be Somewhere (James Naughton, Ensemble, City Of
You Can Always Count On Me (Randy Graff, City Of Angels)
Double Talk Walk (Instrumental, City Of Angels)
You're Nothing Without Me (Gregg Edelman, James Naughton, City Of
Dirt (Ensemble, Sweet Smell Of Success)
Through A Keyhole (Howard McGillan, Judy Kuhn, Ensemble,
            As Thousands Cheer)
Dirty Rotten Number (John Lithgow, Norbert Leo Butz, Dirty Rotten
A Summer In Ohio (Sherie Rene Scott, The Last 5 Years)
Bounce (Richard Kind, Howard McGillan, Bounce)
The Cake I Had (Mary Louise Wilson, Christine Ebersole, Grey Gardens)
Stuck With Each Other (Margery Gray, Byron Mitchell, Tovarich)
Stuck Together (Strange But True) (Norbert Leo Butz, Aaron Tveit,
           Catch Me If You Can)
Lonesome Polecat (Male Ensemble, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers)
Alone At A Drive-In Movie (Barry Bostwick, Grease)
I'm All Alone (Tim Curry, Michael McGrath, Spamalot)
I Can't Do It Alone (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Chicago)
Mira (Anna Maria Alberghetti, Carnival)
The Swamps Of Home (Carol Burnett, Once Upon A Mattress)
I Want To Go Home (Daniel H. Jenkins, Big)
My Ol' Kentucky Rock and Roll Home (Mark Hardwick, Debra Monk, Mike
          Craver, Mary Murfitt, Oil City Symphony)
The Man I Used To Be (Scott Wise, Ensemble, State Fair/Pipe Dream)
It's Me (Joan McCracken, Isabel Bigley, Me & Juliet)
The Gentleman Is A Dope (Lisa Kirk, Allegro)
Song On The Sand (Gene Barry, La Cage Aux Folles)
Miss What's Her Name (Deborah Gravitte, Miss Spectacular)
Bosom Buddies (Angela Lansbury, Bea Arthur, Mame)
Put On Your Sunday Clothes (Charles Nelson Reilly, Jerry Dodge, Carol
         Channing, Hello, Dolly!)

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