Saturday, February 13, 2016

ahhhh, love!

 George Guetary, Gene Kelly, and Oscar Levant
proclaiming "S'Wonderful" all over a Parisian cafe.
THEY could get away with it!
An American In Paris

 What a triumvirate!
Burton, Andrews and Goulet
in Camelot...
In keeping with our first lovey-dovey hour's theme,
they'll "...Love You Once In Silence."

 That strangely named musical...
absolutely nothing to do with Goldilocks!
Don Ameche and Elaine Stritch
starred, Agnes de Mille choreographed,
and Broadway theatre critic Walter Kerr (and his wife Jean)
wrote the book and the lyrics.
It fizzled.

Frances Langford, Buddy Ibsen, Eleanor Powell,
Jimmy Stewart, Una Merkel and Sid Silver
in MGM's Born To Dance...1936.
Jimmy got to sing and dance, but they dubbed Eleanor
with Marjorie Lane's singing voice
in "Easy To Love."

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