Monday, May 15, 2023

Playlist For Sunday, May 21, 2023: What IS a Minx anyway?? (And is it really Saucy?)

I have a bug or 7. Not the physical health-compromising kind. No, the kind I have  infest one's home. Let me give you an accounting. I have (or HAVE had):

1.) Wasps. 

2.) Mice

3.) Ants (carpenter ANNND other variations)(Heaven forbid, I specialize.)

4.) Moles

5.)....and new to town: Grubs! 

I feel like an exterminator's dream, an EGOT winner of insects. A WMAMG! Lucky me: This house seems to win the Nook And Cranny Hospitality Award, in every season. 

And strangely, that reminds me of the Tonys, coming up on June 11. I see that the one musical I managed to take in has 9 nominations: Some Like It Hot. Trust me. It wasn't even warm. Too much crowd pleasing, too much hoke and ham and mugging, and no memorable music. Miscast. YES, reallllly miscast. One of the few times a NYTimes review has led me wrong. & Juliet, Kimberly Akimbo, the new New York New York etc. etc. etc. are untested waters, so I'll have next to NO KNOWLEDGE tuning in. This makes me feel old, rural (this is where the insects come in), and out of Broadway Touch. 

Ahhh well. I've sort of turned into a Broadway historian anyway, pretending that the Golden Age is still with us, that Comden and Green are still wordsmithing in a booth at Katz's, and that Stephen and Lenny and Lerner and Bock were still talking shop and modulations (whilst sipping martinis, and smoking Camels in shiny suits).


Which brings me to SEX. (I guess it was the shiny suits.) Yes, this is The Saucy Minx Edition, a theme I've been mulling about for months. And since this is the Lusty Month Of May, what with all matter of etymology procreating, what better time to sing of double entendres, subtle eyebrow lifting lyrics, and blatant hubba hubba? So we'll have Marilyn and Nell and Eartha and Ethel (and she was SO a Minx!), plus songs from City Of Angels, Chicago, The Full Monty, A Chorus Line...well, there are soooo many saucy Broadway bon bons to pick from! (BTW, I always thought a minx was an actual animal. Like a mink, but with bigger ears? And a cuter nose? Evidently I am zoologically challenged.)

Eartha on her many New Faces of 1952

Marilyn in There's No Business Like Show Business

 And a production of The Full Monty...a regional cast trying to channel their inner Chippendales!


Nothing too outrageous of course. Wouldn't want to make you drop your Sunday brunch mimosa in your lap. We'll keep it low-key. Well, not Ethel. Ethel was never low key! :) See you seductively on Sunday. 


The Lusty Month Of May (Julie Andrews, Camelot)

Eadie Was A Lady (Ethel Merman, Take A Chance)

Thanks A Lot, But No Thanks (Dolores Gray, It's Always Fair Weather)

After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It (Marilyn Monroe, There's No Business Like Show Business)

Raunchy (Audra McDonald, John Cullum, 110 In The Shade)

Always True To You (Lisa Kirk, Kiss Me, Kate)

Find Out What They Like (Nell Carter, Armelia McQueen, Ain't Misbehavin')

Let's Misbehave (Eileen Rodgers, Kenneth Mars, Anything Goes)

Do It Again (Judy Garland)

Let's Put Out The Lights (And Go To Bed)(Rudy Vallee)

The Tennis Song (James Naughton, Dee Hoty, City Of Angels)

I Can Cook, Too (Nancy Walker, On The Town)

Can That Boy Foxtrot! (Suzanne Henry, Marry Me A Little)

A Little Brains, A Little Talent (Gwen Verdon, Damn Yankees)

Dance: Ten; Looks: Three (Pamela Blair, A Chorus Line)

Sex Is In The Heel (Billy Porter, Stark Sands, Kinky Boots)

Sex Marches On (The New York Voices, Louisiana Purchase)

You Gotta Get A Gimmick (Nancy Opel, Marilyn Caskey, Alison Fraser, Gypsy)

When You're Good To Momma (Mary McCarty, Chicago)

Monotonous (Eartha Kitt, New Faces Of 1952)

One More Time (Phil Harris)

You Made Me Love You (George S. Irving, Patsy Kelly, Irene)

Sam And Delilah (Klea Blackhurst, Everything The Traffic Will Allow)

Ah, But Underneath (Diana Rigg, Follies)

Sooner Or Later (Bernadette Peters, Sondheim, Etc.)

Baptize Me (Josh Gad, Nikki M. James, The Book Of Mormon)

Roll In The Hay (Sutton Foster, Roger Bart, Christopher Fitzgerald, Young Frankenstein) 

Let It Go (Patrick Wilson, Ensemble, The Full Monty)

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