Thursday, October 4, 2018

Sunday Stand-outs

 Raul Julia and Karen Akers
in Nine,
featuring the music of Maury Yeston,
who would go on to score Grand Hotel and Titanic.
Awarded the Tony for Best Musical of 1982,
Nine was based on Fellini's 8 1/2.
 "The movie had a phenomenal impact on me when I saw it as a teenager 
when it first came out," says Maury.
"I was fascinated with Guido who was going through a second adolescence 
when I was going through my first! 
As I grew I began to realize that there was room to explore the reactions of the inner workings of the women in Guido’s wake."

 Kathi Moss as Saraghina...
Ti Voglio Bene/Be Italian.

Raul would pass away just 8 years later,
at the age of 54.
Credits to Getty Images
for this great shot of him conducting his "harem".

 ...and to Al Hirschfeld for this marvelous caricature.
Below, some of the women in Guido Contini's life:
including Lilliane Montevecchi (third from the left)
who won a Tony for Featured Performer in a Musical.

 Also on this Sunday's agenda: Charles Aznavour,
who was born in 1924 to Armenian parents who made a home in Paris.
His father sang in local restaurants,
before starting one of his own;
Charles followed in his footsteps,
beginning acting school at the age of 9.

 Edith Piaf was one of his inspirations,
the way she told a story thru song and her presence on stage,
along with Charles Trenet, and Maurice Chevalier.
  “Trenet for his writing, Piaf for her pathos and Chevalier for his professionalism," said Charles.

His first "act" was dancing and singing in French nightclubs,
frequently opening for Piaf in the Moulin Rouge.
Charles recorded over 1,000 songs,
writing and singing them in nine languages,
including "Hier Encour" ("Yesterday When I Was Young").

 With Liza Minelli,
a favorite to perform with...

 Above, a pic from the Truffaut movie,
Shoot The Piano Player.
Truffaut evidently wrote the part of said "piano player" specifically for Charles.
He did 60 movies over the course of his life-time,
including bit parts done as a child.

Charles was also noted for his humanitarian work
for his native country of Armenia.
 In 1998, he founded the charitable organization Aznavour for Armenia;
ten years later he was appointed ambassador of Armenia to Switzerland, 
and became Armenia's permanent delegate to the United Nations.

Also in 1998, Aznavour was named Entertainer of the Century by CNN,
edging out Presley and Dylan.
When other performers were retiring in their 60s,
Charles continued to tour.
He even had performance dates scheduled for this November and 
December, at the age of 94.
“We live long, we Armenians,” he said. 
“I’m going to reach 100, and I’ll be working until I’m 90.” 
 1924 - 2018

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