Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Playlist For Sunday, October 7, 2018: Bad Boy!

If you want to "read in" to this week's 2 On The Aisle theme, feel free! We're doing Bad Boys...on Broadway. Devils, pirates, mad scientists, liars, thieves, wazirs, and blood-thirsty barbers. Musical villians, some comic, all corrupt! Characters from Oliver(!), Damn Yankees, Desperate Measures, Forum, Peter Pan...you name it. Evil really plays on Broadway. And beyond, evidently.

Along with all of those baddies, we'll have goodies like Nine and Bandstand, and also a tribute to Charles Aznavour, who passed away just yesterday (10/1/2018) at the age of 94. An Armenian/French singer/songwriter, who created over 1000 songs in dozens of languages. Actor. And a stage presence and a half. I saw Charles twice at Carnegie Hall back in the 80s, and he would tell the story of a song he was about to sing, thankfully the story was in English, and then we could sit back and hear the French story, done in song. And understand it all...well, it was all heartbreak, and who can't understand that, whether it be in Turkish or Klingon? It was marvelous. He sang of loneliness and betrayal and unrequited love. And I fell in love. So we will hear three of his signature songs.

The following Sunday (10/14) is Pledge Drive, so I'll be block-buster-ing that day with over the top shows.  So send me your favorite buster of blocks and I will play it. Cuz THEN maybe you'll call and donate. To Jazz 90.1. Which means to 2 On The Aisle. You Bad Boy. :)

I'm A Bad, Bad Man (Ray Middleton, Annie, Get Your Gun)
Captain Hook's Waltz (Cyrill Ritchard, Peter Pan)
Someday They Will Thank Me (Nick Wyman, Desperate Measures)
Those Were The Good Old Days (Ray Walston, Damn Yankees)
The Seven Deadly Virtues (Roddy McDowall, Camelot)
Revenge (Michael O'Sullivan, It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman!)
Easy Street (Dorothy Loudon, Robert Fitch, Barbara Erwin, Annie)
'Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do (Nick Cordero, Ensemble, Bullets
      Over Broadway)
Que C'est Triste Venise (Charles Aznavour)
La Boheme (Charles Aznavour)
Hier Encore (Charles Aznavour)
You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two (Clive Revill, Oliver!)
Be Prepared (John, Vickery, The Lion King)
Epiphany (Len Cariou, Angela Lansbury, Sweeney Todd)
A Band In New York City (Company, Bandstand)
You Deserve It (Corey Cott, Laura Osnes, Bandstand)
Donny Novitski (Corey Cott, Bandstand)
Nobody (Corey Cott, Laura Osnes, Ensemble, Bandstand)
Pirate Song (Ensemble, Peter Pan)
A Professional Pirate (Tim Curry, Ensemble, Muppet Treasure Island)
Poor Pirates (Jon Rua, Ensemble, SpongeBob Square Pants)
Bad Companions (Nathaniel Frey, Margaret Hamilton, Ensemble, Goldilocks)
I Want To Be Bad (Annette Hanshaw)
Hello, Little Girl (Robert Westenberg, Danielle Ferland, Into The Woods)
The Germans At The Spa (Camille Saviola, Ensemble, Nine)
Only With You (Raul Julia, Nine)
Movie Themes (Raul Julia, Nine)
Ti Voglio Bene/Be Italian (Kathi Moss, Ensemble, Nine)
Was I Wazir? (Henry Calvin, Kismet)
Bring Me My Bride (Cris Groenendaal, A Funny Thing Happened On The
      Way To The Forum)
Hades (Peter Bartlett, Ensemble,The Frogs)
Et Pourtant (Charles Aznavour)

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