Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Playlist For Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018: Remember?

Did I leave the coffee pot on? Wait, I had the keys in my hand just a second ago. Why did I even come into this room? I thought your birthday was TOMORROW! Just "Try To Remember", will ya? Theme for a show? Hell, it's the theme of my life!

Remember...Forget...Remember...It's one frustratingly mad circle around here. So I "thought" (there's a concept!) that we'd air it publicly this Sunday. Which gives us Jerry Orbach and Charmian Carr, Gigi and her Boy Friend, Kander mit Ebb and Stephen avec Sondheim. As well as a nosegay of nostalgia and yearning and that's all cuz it seems to be suddenly FALL around here, and I'm in a wistful (oh, don't get sappy!) mood. I'll try to lighten up with a little Gwen (Sweet Charity) and a toe-tapping Tommy (Seesaw), but prepare to be wistful with me, okay?  I promise not to sniffle on the mic, if you promise not to request "Memory" from Cats (that one NEVER made it into this playlist, lemme tell ya).

Now I just have to find my keys...

Try To Remember (Jerry Orbach, The Fantasticks)
If My Friends Could See Me Now (Gwen Verdon, Sweet Charity)
Rich Man's Frug (Instrumental, Sweet Charity)
I Love To Cry At Weddings (John Wheeler, Helen Gallagher, Thelma Oliver,
      Ensemble, Sweet Charity)
Big Spender (Helen Gallagher, Thelma Oliver, The Fandango Girls,
      Sweet Charity)
Moments To Remember (Jason Graae, David Engel, Guy Stroman,
      Forever Plaid)
I Remember That (Clark Thorell, Andrea Burns, Saturday Night)
I Remember (Charmian Carr, Evening Primrose)
I Remember It Well (Howard McGillin, Victoria Clark, Gigi)
Seesaw (Ensemble, Seesaw)
In Tune (Ken Howard, Michele Lee, Seesaw)
Chapter 54, Number 1909 (Tommy Tune, Ken Howard, Seesaw)
Valse Millieu (Clive Revill, Irma La Douce)
Valse Amelie (Instrumental, Amelie)
She's Got The Lot (George S. Irving, Ensemble, Irma La Douce)
Humming (Kaye Ballard, Henry Lascoe, Carnival)
Valse Monstres (Instrumental, Amelie)
The Wreck Of A Mec (Keith Mitchell, Irma La Douce)
Fancy Forgetting (Ruth Altman, Eric Berry, The Boy Friend)
I Don't Remember You (Robert Goulet, The Happy Time)
Remember? (Barbara Lang, Beth Fowler, Benjamin Rayson, Teri Ralston,
      Gene Varrone, A Little Night Music)
Something To Remember You By (Ensemble, The Band Wagon)
Thanks For The Memory (Bob Hope, Shirley Ross, The Big Broadcast of 1938)
Forget About The Boy (Sutton Foster, Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Much More (Barbra Streisand, The Barbra Streisand Album)
For Forever (Ben Platt, Dear Evan Hansen)
Answer Me (Adam Kantor, Company, The Band's Visit)
C'est Magnifique (Sutton Foster, Take Me To The World)
Chanson (Jill Martin, The Baker's Wife)
Something Different (Katrina Lenk, Tony Shaloub, The Band's Visit)
There'll Be Some Changes Made (The Boswell Sisters)
Everything Changes (Jessie Mueller, Waitress)

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