Saturday, May 5, 2018

Travel, they say, improves the mind...

 Bryan d'Arcy James and Daniel Breaker,
the original Shrek and Donkey, back in 2008.
Shrek ran for just over a year on Broadway,
One of the most expensive musicals of its day (25 mill?).
It got tons of Tony noms, but won only one
(for those costumes)!

 "The Travel Song" 
with the same duo,
now outfitted in those award-winning duds!

 Among a horde of other accomplishments since Shrek,
Daniel Breaker is presently starring in Hamilton
as Aaron Burr!
 (That's who I saw in the role, and he was super!)

 The Frogs
was written by Stephen Sondheim
and produced in 1974
in Yale University's (amphibian-appropriate) pool.
In 2004 it was revived at Lincoln Center
(well, they do have a fountain!),
with Nathan Lane's tweaks.
Above Nathan as Dionysus and Roger Bart as Xanthias,
  traveling companions to the Underworld,
from whence they hope to retrieve George Bernard Shaw,
so he (and Art and Literature)
can save the world. 
Just watch out for the frogs.
 The cast huddled about Susan Stroman,
who directed.
Can you pick out John Byner?
Also in the huddle: Roger B,
Nathan, Peter Bartlett, and Burke Moses. 

 See? These are the scary frogs.

 And you can't do a travel "set"
without Elaine Stritch's ode
to the wrong people who do it.
Above, Elaine as Cruise Director Mimi Paragon 
on the boat to Europe
in Sail Away!

Had to include this shot of Elaine with 
"passenger" Alice Pearce
who you may recognize as Lucy Schmeeler
(Girl of Mystery)
from On The Town.
 (And Mrs. Kravitz on Bewitched?)

 Elaine with Noel Coward,
the perpetrator of this musical.

Ed Sullivan spotlighting Elaine on 
the Toast of the Town,
during her On Your Toes run in 1954.

 And I had to add a shot of The Perfect Furlough...
ever seen this movie?
Me neither!
Troy Donahue, Les Tremayne, Linda Cristal, Keenan Wynn,
Janet Leigh, Tony Curtis, Elaine and King Donovan, 1958.
Sounds like "On The Town" but in France,
and maybe no Lucy Schmeeler
(unless Elaine was playing that part! :)

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