Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Playlist For May 13, 2018: Ahhhhhh!

And we're off! We are officially in that wonderful cycle of the year that goes from May 1st to January 2nd! Like sliding down an icy slope, it goes FAST. Something every weekend. Something every Friday night. Something EVERY! The world spins faster this time of year, while we barbecue and firework and bike and baseball and mow and rake and swim and carve and feast and decorate and drink way too much lemonade or beer or gin or champagne (or all of that).  And that brings us to January 2nd, when the hang-overs linger and the tree must be tossed and there is nothing on the calendar...except for snow, unfashionable outerwear and an errant boring holiday.

So I say, GRAB IT and don't let go! Enjoy every mosquito bite, every humid degree, every cob of corn. Add some music (when you get tired of those bird serenades I'm hearing at the moment) and maybe that music will be Broadway.

This week, we fulfill requests for A Chorus Line, Lil Abner, Candide (I have esoteric listeners!), fly some kites, invite some darling divas over for a girls' night, and celebrate all you Mothers out there! I'll throw some shrimps on the barbie (or gluten-free veggie burgers, it's all good), get out the lawn chairs, and we'll go barefoot! :) 

Tomorrow's Mother's Day (Sami Gayle, Emma Rowley, Gypsy)
At The Ballet (Ensemble, A Chorus Line)
Dance: Ten; Looks; Three (Pamela Blair, A Chorus Line)
The Music And The Mirror (Donna McKechnie, A Chorus Line)
Jubilation T. Cornpone (Stubby Kaye, Ensemble, Lil Abner)
I'm Past My Prime (Edie Adams, Lil Abner)
The Matrimonial Stomp (Stubby Kaye, Company, Lil Abner)
Go Back Home (Audra McDonald, Go Back Home)
Growing Pains (Jessica Molaskey, Make Believe)
Chanson (Betty Buckley, Story Songs)
World Weary (Christine Ebersole, Christine Ebersole Sings Noel Coward)
Kite (Gary Burghoff, You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown)
Let's Go Fly A Kite (Dave Tomlinson, Mary Poppins)
The Kite (Mark Linn-Baker, Jay Goede, A Year With Frog And Toad)
Overture (Instrumental, Candide)
Oh, Happy We (Barbara Cook, Robert Rounseville, Candide
Make Our Garden Grow (Company, Candide)
Company (Dean Jones, Ensemble, Company
Sorry - Grateful (George Coe, Charles Braswell, Charles Kimbrough,
The Ladies Who Lunch (Elaine Stritch, Company)
Motherhood (Carol Channing, Eileen Brennan, Hello, Dolly!)
My Mother Would Love You (Ethel Merman, Panama Hattie)
Mother's Day (Sherie Rene Scott, Women On The Verge Of A
      Nervous Breakdown)
If Momma Was Married (Laura Benanti, Leigh Ann Larkin, Gypsy)
The Garden Of Disappointed Mothers (Rob McClure, Nancy Opel,
      Honeymoon In Vegas
Confession To A Park Avenue Mother (Charles Nelson Reilly, Parade)
Around The World (Christine Ebersole, Grey Gardens)
Rose's Turn (Patti LuPone, Gypsy)

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