Sunday, May 13, 2018

A litte more string, a little!

 Some annoying kites to fly, drag, entangle
today on 2 on the Aisle.
Above (after they finish the baseball game),
Gary Burghoff on the right 
as (You're A Good Man) Charlie Brown
will attempt flight!
This show had mad success off-Broadway, back in 1967,
but it was a tough Broadway move, and it fell flat
after 32 performances.
Reva Rose standing at left was Lucy,
and completing the cast:
Skip Hinnant, Bob Balaban, and Karen Johnson.

 Another kite shows up in
A Year With Frog And Toad,
based on the Arnold Lobel childrens' books.
Above, Mark Linn-Baker and Jay Goede,
as the titular amphibians.
Once again, off-Broadway proved 
"just the ticket" 
for a musical of this scale,
not Broadway.
 A kite in a movie musical
(how about a balloon? Remember The Red Balloon???)
...specifically Mary Poppins!
Above, Dave Tomlinson and Glynis Johns with
"Let's Go Fly A Kite",
and adding his (cockney?) voice to the song,
Dick Van Dyke, below.
Music of course by the Sherman Brothers,
Richard and Robert.

 And then we had one listener ask for 
from the songbook of Leonard Bernstein.
Lenny was creating this show at the same time
as West Side Story,
and the "story" goes that some of the songs written 
for one show ended up in the other!
Barbara Cook starred with Robert Rounseville, below.

 It opened in 1956,
nobody liked it,
and it closed after 70 odd performances.
The music proved a hit,
with the cast album still in print,
but critics called Lillian Hellman's libretto
"too serious",
so it's now called an operetta, and done by music schools....
See? Life After (Broadway) Death! 

 Carol (Channing), Eileen (Brennan) and Sondra (Lee)
recording the cast album of 
Hello, Dolly!
We'll hear this trio's rendition of "Motherhood".

 "The Garden Of The Disappointed Mothers"
in Honeymoon In Vegas,
with Nancy Opel as the disappointed one
and Rob McClure as the one causing the disappointment.
This song should have a 2nd verse.
Or may A verse.

 Charles Nelson Reilly,
a favorite of Jerry Herman's
(below, with cat).
Jerry used him in Parade and Hello, Dolly...
we'll hear Charles with
"Confession To A Park Avenue Mother"
from that early Parade revue.

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