Saturday, February 3, 2018

Russsssians and other dudes...

 Yup, that's Danny Kaye on a rather chimerical-looking horse (above)
and tweaking a costume (for later wear in The Court Jester?, below)
in Lady In The Dark, 1941,
with music by Kurt Weill, lyrics Ira Gershwin.
Along with stars Gertrude Lawrence,
Victor Mature, and MacDonald Carey,
Danny played Russell Paxton, a fashion photographer,
and "stopped the show" every night with the song,
"Tschaikowsky (and Other Russians)":
50 Russian composers in 39 seconds.
It made him a star. :)

 More "Russians":
Above, Don Ameche and Hildegard (never had a voice lesson) Knef
lounge in their Silk Stockings (the Broadway 1955 version)
while a Soviet trio judges:
Ivanov, Brankoff and Bibinski
as played by David Opatoshu, Henry Lascoe and Leon Belasco.
Below, same trio but Hollywood style:
Joseph Buloff, Jules Munshin, and Peter Lorre

 Above and below,
Caroline O'Connor as Countess Lily
in Anastasia, still running on Broadway
as I type 
(and simultaneously eat a breakfast blintz).
We'll hear "The Land Of Yesterday"!

 Having nothing whatsoever to do with Russia
(well, nothing's been proven. YET!),
is Jessica Molaskey,
performing a Jason Robert Brown tune
WITH Jason Robert Brown:
"Still Hurting" 
Jessica is a HUGE JRB fan,
having starred in one of his early shows,
Songs For A New World.

 In our Betty Hutton corner,
a goodie from Let's Dance, released in 1950
by Paramount.
It teamed Betty with Fred Astaire,
and tho the film did pretty well financially,
it was totally overshadowed by Betty's OTHER 1950 release,
Annie, Get Your Gun.
 Above, "Can't Stop Talkin' About Him"
and below, "Oh Them Dudes".

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