Friday, February 9, 2018

A Side of Love, Please...hold the dressing!

 Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe in
the film version of 
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
A book by Anita Loos,
originally starring Carol Channing as Lorelei Lee.
Below, 2 dames we're supposed to feel sorry for,
"When Love Goes Wrong."
I should be so unhappy.

 Mid this one!

 Shirley Booth in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (based on the book
by Betty Smith)
as Aunt Sissy, a part that was substantially "beefed up"
to allow for Shirley's popularity at the time.
In fact, the musical tilted so much in Shirley's favor
that the real story was marginalized
and reviews were disappointing.
We'll hear "Love Is The Reason." 
(And BTW, look at those STOCKINGS!)

 Recording the cast album...
from left, songwriter Arthur Schwartz, David Oppenheim,
Shirley, Goddard Lieberson.
Missing: lyricist Dorothy Fields.

 And 3 connections that Shirley had with Katherine Hepburn:
Above, Shirley in the Broadway production of 
Desk Set,
which Katherine would do with Spencer Tracey, 
Hollywood style.
Below, the staged version of The Philadelphia Story, 1939,
with Katherine at center, and Shirley at right,
in the part of the photographer, Miss Imbrie,
later played by Ruth Hussey.
Note Joseph Cotten to the left of Katherine!

 And one more connection:
Above, Shirley in The Time of the Cuckoo, 1952,
for which she was awarded a Tony...
and which would be made into the movie ( just 3 years later),
starring (of course) Katherine Hepburn. 

 Ah, to be in Scotland. Or not.
Above Gene and Cyd on the MGM sound lot,
a major disappointment for Gene who wanted to move the whole
kit n' caboodle
to film in the Highlands.
The budget (and Dore Schary) said no. 
So the back lot got a paint job.
Below, the Broadway version...and one scary piece of scenery!
We'll here Mr. Kelly's breathy 
"Almost Like Being In Love".

 And a musical that has yet to reach our "sunny shores":
Top Hat,
starring Tom Chamberlain (above) 
and Summer Strallen (below, right).
It debuted in the West End in 2012,
and has had great success touring in the UK.
So perhaps, if we're lucky...
The music is a collection of Irving Berlin goodies from various shows.
Below in purple is Vivien Parry who we'll hear
(with Martin Ball)
perform "Outside Of That, I Love You".

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