Thursday, September 21, 2017

Classic Barbara, Mary, and Maria...

 Yup, that's Barbara Cook
in one of her first Broadway shows,
Plain and Fancy, 1955,
with ANOTHER bra and Shirl Conway below.
It had the music of Albert Hague, lyrics Arnold Horwitt,
and it lasted about a year...
Barbara, age 28,  played an Amish farmer's daughter,
with what looks like an obsession with undergarments.
We'll hear one of the only songs to survive the show,
"This Is All Very New To Me."

 "Civilization" from Angel In The Wings
(Elaine Stritch's Broadway debut)
by the Sisters Andrews and Danny Kaye...the 1947 version!
Below, a photo I couldn't resist:
Gary Cooper, Frank Sinatra, Jack Benny and Danny.

 Young radio star, Mary Martin,
who we'll hear sing "Bidin' My Time" from Girl Crazy.
Below, Mary (center) with Frances Langford and Judy Garland.

 ...and with son,
Larry Hagman.

 Maria Friedman,
an English actress born in 1961,
appeared in the London cast of Lady In The Dark
in 1997...
that Kurt Weill/Ira Gershwin creation of 1941.
We'll hear her rendition of "My Ship" on Sunday.
 Maria, with a face reminiscent of Christine Ebersole,
has garnered several Olivier Awards
for her work primarily on the London stage.
 Below with Barbara, Stephen Sondheim, and Josh Groban.

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