Friday, June 2, 2017

Rose, Mary, Samantha. Tom, Dick and...Lancelot (he likes to dance a lot)!

 The Buffalo Bills Barbershop Quartet
played The School Board in both the original Broadway production
and the movie of The Music Man.
They were winners of the "American Idol" of their day:
The Barbershop Harmony Society International Quartet Contest.
They appeared on Arthur Godfrey's radio show,
which is where Meredith Wilson first heard them.
They all had to quit their day jobs and move to NYC,
where they became (overnight!) Broadway stars.
We'll hear them duet with Barbara Cook..."Lida Rose".

 "It's A Jolly Holiday (with Mary)"
Dick Van Dyke as Bert and Julie Andrews as Mary
in Mary Poppins,
which had the music of the Sherman Brothers.
Dick has gone on record,
ruing the day he ever attempted a Cockney accent for this role.

 Robert Morse and his "Rosemary",
Bonnie Scott,
in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying,
a winner for all concerned:
7 Tonys and the 1962 Pulitzer Prize.
 Bing, Grace Kelly, and Louis Calhern (Uncle WILLY!)
in High Society.
This was Grace's final appearance in films;
by the time it was released, she was already wed to 
Prince Ranier of Monaco.
(She wore her engagement "rock" IN the movie!)
Bing was 53, Frank Sinatra was 40...and Grace, a nubile 26! 
We'll hear Cole Porter's "I Love You, Samantha",
which was evidently Tracy Lord's middle name
(who knew?).

 Karen Ziemba, recording the cast album of 
Kander and Ebb's And The World Goes 'Round.
Though never a household name
(well, maybe in THIS household),
Karen has played in A Chorus Line, Crazy For You, Curtains,
I Do! I Do!, won a Tony for her role in Contact,
and has worked steadily on Broadway for many years.
We'll hear her take on "Arthur In The Afternoon".

 Any Tom, Dick or Harry will do!
And these guys are the original set...
Edwin Clay, Charles Wood, and Harold Lang,
vying for the hand of Lisa Kirk in 
Cole Porter's Kiss Me Kate.

 A strangely cropped version
of the above folks,
recording the cast album.
I guess they were close.

 Christian Borle and Hank Azaria
assuming 2 of the many roles they played in
Below, Christian and Hank are French knights #2 and 3,
counting from the top.
Christian (BTW) is up for a Tony next week,
for his role in Falsettos.
We'll hear "His Name Is Lancelot".

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