Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Playlist For Sunday, June 4, 2017: A Murray By Any Other Name...

 Mary, Rose, Alice, Johanna. Tom, Dick, Bernie and Bill. I'm up to my old tricks again with a theme for this Sunday's 2 On The Aisle...NAME that tune. Well, not exactly. Just a tune with a NAME in it. Yeah, I know, you're saying when will this woman stop with the cheesey themes??? Never, okay? I like 'em! They're an excellent excuse to jam up (and jelly tight!) songs that would never ever get together. Songs that would (if given the cocktail party opportunity) never mingle, never jostle elbows while reaching for the cornichons, let alone swap napkins, toothpicks, or LinkedIn "Professional Networks". But if you can talk them into appearing on a playlist together, you get some fascinating pairings (like goat cheese with ...uh...prunes!).

Like this little juxtaposition: "Arthur In the Afternoon" (Kander and Ebb), which leads to "Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry (Betty Hutton), which staggers over to "Just One Step" (Jessica Molaskey...screaming at hubby MURRAY!), and ending with Babs & Murray (of Murder For Two) j'accusing each other of doing in ARTHUR Whitney! Man, what a musical mobius strip we weave (when first we try  to make a playlist late at night with anything stronger than Kool-aid).

Enough. Come join me on Sunday; your name might be among the list, and you'll see it as a sign!

Billie/Push Me Around In My Push Cart - Ring To The Name Of Rose
      (Jamie Donnelly, Joel Grey, Ensemble, George M!)
Mary's A Grand Old Name (James Cagney, Yankee Doodle Dandy)
It's A Jolly Holiday With Mary (Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews, Mary Poppins)
Little Mary Sunshine (Eileen Brennan, Ensemble, Little Mary Sunshine)
Mary (Jacqueline Alloway, George M!)
Rosemary (Robert Morse, How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying)
Second Hand Rose (Fanny Brice)
Lida Rose/Will I Ever Tell You? (Barbara Cook, The Buffalo Bills,
       The Music Man)
Honeysuckle Rose (Ken Page, Nell Carter, Ain't Misbehavin')
Arthur In The Afternoon (Karen Ziemba, And The World Goes Round)
Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry (Betty Hutton)
Just One Step (Jessica Molaskey, Songs For A New World)
It Was Her (Jeff Blumenkrantz, Murder For Two)
They Call The Wind Mariah (Rufus Smith, Paint Your Wagon)
Mira (Anna Maria Alberghetti, Carnival)
With Anne On My Arm (John Weiner, Gene Barry, La Cage Aux Folles)
Johanna (Victor Garber, Len Cariou, Merle Louise, Sweeney Todd)
Tom, Dick Or Harry (Lisa Kirk, Harold Lang, Ensemble, Kiss Me Kate)
Sam And Delilah (Louise Carlyle, Girl Crazy)
Miss Marmelstein (Barbra Streisand, I Can Get It For You Wholesale)
My Attorney Bernie (Jessica Molaskey, At The Algonquin)
Bill (Anita Darian, Show Boat)
Alice Blue Gown (Debby Reynolds, Irene)
I Love You, Samantha (Bing Crosby, High Society)
Suddenly Seymour (Lee Wilkof, Ellen Greene, Little Shop Of Horrors)
My Name Is James (Paul Terry, James And The Giant Peach)
Drop That Name (Judy Holliday, Bells Are Ringing)
My Name (Danny Seewell, Oliver!)
His Name Is Lancelot (Christian Borle, Hank Azaria, Spamalot)
Give My Regards To Broadway (Joel Grey, George M!)

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