Friday, May 26, 2017

Oh! Ah! Ooh! Uh-Oh!

Starting off our theme of 
Alfred Drake as the original Curly in
R&H's Oklahoma!,
here with Aunt Eller, Betty Garde.
Betty was a CBS radio player in the 1930s,
and would go on to do movies
(Call Northside 777, Caged, Queen High)
and television
(The Honeymooners, as Trixie's "maid", The Twilight Zone,
and Car 54, just to name a few).

"Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale"
from Disney's Cinderella.
Drizella (in yellow) has the first verse,
voiced by Rhoda Williams...
and Ilene Wood, as Cinderella
(she's out back scrubbing the floor),
does the second.

 Gene Nelson and Doris Day
taking off with "Oh Me, Oh My, Oh You"
in Tea For Two, 1950.
This movie marked the first time Doris danced in a film.
Though she tapped with Gene,
her "heart" (in the film, that is)
belonged to leading man, Gordon MacRae.
Bosley Crowther of the NYTIMES wrote, 
"Miss Day and Mr. MacRae . . . complement each other like 
peanut butter and jelly."

 In the "Ah" category, we have
Lilianne Montevecchi,
who sang in the concert version of 
Stephen Sondheim's Follies...
"Ah, Paris!"

 Irving Berlin took his early version of 
Yip Yip Yaphank 
and turned it into 2 staged versions
(and a movie)
of This Is The Army.
We'll hear him singing a solo in
"Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning!"

Am I gonna have trouble with you?
No way, Shirl...
Poor Little Rich Girl, 1936:
Miss Temple was 8 years old
and at the peak of her performing career.
"Oh My Goodness!"
The movie co-starred Jack Haley and Alice Faye,
whose presence in the film was lamented by critic,
Frank Nugent :
  “Short of becoming a defeated candidate for Vice President,
 we can think of no better way of guaranteeing one’s anonymity than appearing in the moppet’s films.”

 "Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life"
was the signature song of Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald.
Originally from Victor Herbert's 
Naughty Marietta, 
it was pilfered for Thoroughly Modern Millie,
in which Angela Christian and Marc Kudisch (below) got to warble it
(that's Sutton Foster sandwiched between them...
unhappily, it seems!).

Couldn't resist the above photo
of another Trevor Graydon III and Miss Dorothy
from TMM, the movie:
John Gavin and Mary Tyler Moore.

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