Friday, June 16, 2017

Cafe de 2 Amelies...

 Based on Amelie (the movie released in 2001), 
Amelie (the musical) had music by Daniel Messe,
lyrics by Messe and Nathan Tysen, and a book by Craig Lucas.
Phillipa Soo played Amelie (above on the left)
and Savvy Crawford, the younger version. 
It opened in March of this year,
and closed 2 months later.

 Adam Chanler-Beret
as Nino.
Below, "Tour De France"...

 Ben Brantley of the NYTimes wrote:
"Although the lyrics have an agreeable flow, 
the score proceeds in a smooth pastel stream that suggests 
pink Champagne gone a bit flat."
There is also a real live gnome,
puppets and an actor in a fish hat,
as young Amelie's best friend 
(she names him Fluffy).
This all worked successfully (tho VERY differently)
in the movie; on the stage, not so much.
 Despite a few references to it being set in Paris
(note menu du jour below),
the music is decidedly NOT French,
in fact it seems to have no nationality at all. 

Audrey Tautou, as Amelie Poulain in the movie...
which made her a star.
Music was by Yann Tiersen,
a composer unafraid to use a toy piano, bicycle wheel, or
when he needs to. 

Flora Guiet played the young Amelie,
and below at the kitchen table 
with Lorella Cravotta who played her mother,

A normal garden gnome who sings not,
about to go on an around the world tour.
With Rufus, who played Amelie's house-bound father.

Amelie on the job
at Cafe de 2 Moulins,
and the real cafe below
in Montmartre.

Mathieu Kassovitz as Nino Quincampoix.
In the movie, it's a motor bike!

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