Saturday, January 30, 2016

Towns, et. al.

 The 1949 film version
of On The Town sported a few new songs...
this one for example:
Count On Me, which replaced Ya Got Me.
Leonard Bernstein's score was generally demolished
by Roger Edens who thought LB's music too complicated.
Lenny boycotted the film.
Above: Betty Garrett, Ann Miller, Gene Kelly, Jules Munshin,
Frank Sinatra, and Alice Pearce.

 Nancy Walker, who played Hildy
in the original production of On The Town, 1944,
was replaced in the film by Betty Garrett.
I like Betty, sure...but I LOVE Nancy!!!

In fact, Alice Pearce was the only cast member
to play in both the original Broadway production
and the movie.
Lucy Schmeeler...unforgettable.

And a great image of the Wonderful Town "crew"...
At the piano, Betty Comden, Rosalind Russell, Adolph Green,
somebody, somebody else,
and Lenny at the piano.
Edie Adams, on the right below, was still going 
by the name Edith at the time!

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