Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bad Guy Songs...

 Mae Barnes,
a singer and dancer on the Broadway stage,
later became a nightclub legend in NYC,
performing so many times at the Bon Soir in Greenwich Village
(where Barbra Streisand later sang)
that it was nicknamed "The Barnes Soir."

 First known as a tap dancer,
Mae turned to singing after a car accident in 1938.
Her last appearance on Broadway was in 
By The Beautiful Sea with Shirley Booth.
We'll hear her rendition of ("If the Devil Answers...") Hang Up!

 Ray Walston appeared as Mr. Applegate in
the original staged production AND the film of 
Damn Yankees.
We'll heard The Good Old Days from that one!
He went on to play more bad guys and cranky old dudes, one on Mars,
another at Ridgemont High.

 Wonderful Cyril Ritchard!
The first to play Captain Hook...with Mary Martin, on stage and screen.
By all accounts, a thoroughly decent man who answered his own fan mail
(and on nice stationery)...
And one of the few actors to have one heart attack on stage (in Sugar)
and one in the wings (Side By Side By Sondheim).
The latter one felled him.

Leon Greene insisting that Zero bring him his bride.
Leon starred as Captain Miles Gloriosus in both 
the first West End production of Forum
and the movie.
Leon was an opera singer, but after his success in Forum,
acting in film became his cup of "sweat."

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