Friday, January 15, 2016

Mr. Holloway, I presume.

 Actor, Comic, Singer...Stanley Augustus Holloway was born
in Essex in 1890.
After quitting school at age 14,
Stanley's big break came when he starred in
"Master Stanley Holloway - The Wonderful Boy Soprano", in 1904.

 After serving in WWI, musical revues, radio shows,
and British film opportunities followed.
Here he is in Brief Encounter, 1945.

 1956 began Stanley's association with My Fair Lady.
He was Alan Jay Lerner's first choice to play Alfred P. Doolittle.
Lerner was supposedly hesitant, however, noting
that Stanley had been away from musical theatre for awhile;
did he still have a voice for it?
Well, in the middle of lunch at Claridges with Lerner,
Stanley let loose with an over-powering baritone,
and the rest (as usual) is history.
(Note a young Julie Andrews above, in the original Broadway show.)

 Alistair Cooke, in the Manchester Guardian, 
noted of his My Fair Lady performance,
"Stanley Holloway distills into the body of Doolittle 
the taste and smell of every pub in England."

 A recording of sure fire English music hall hits.
I'd love to hear Stanley's version of "Good Old Yorkshire Pudden".
A 70 year career span...ending with his death in 1982.

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