Saturday, March 21, 2015

There's this New Girl In Town!

 Fresh from her success in Damn Yankees,
Gwen Verdon had another great role on her hands
with New Girl in Town, 1957.

 It was based on Eugene O'Neill's play, "Anna Christie,"
about a prostitute who returns home to New York,
and attempts to "live down" her past.  
George Abbott wrote the book (a lighter, less gloomy version of O'Neill's)
and Bob Fosse choreographed.

 Geroge Wallace, Gwen, and Edgar Daniels...

 Cameron Prud'homme, Thelma Ritter, and Gwen
on a break during the recording of the original cast album.
Thelma and Gwen shared a Tony for Best Actress in a Musical that year.

 Composer/Lyricist Bob Merrill 
(New Girl was his first attempt at a Broadway musical)
with Thelma Ritter, who played Marthy.

Love this shot of Bob Fosse,
choreographer incredible!
One of his numbers in New Girl, "The Cathouse Ballet", got the
show closed by police in New Haven try-outs,
and by the time they hit Boston, it was out!
But Bob restored the number to its gutsy self
after the show opened on Broadway. 

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