Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Playlist for Sunday, March 29, 2015: But it's weird! You can't hum along! KIMMMMM!!!

I think this playlist is all about ME!  Sorry to be indulgent, but I've had a few weeks of blockbusters, and they're sort of making my teeth ache.  Now I'm back to my old tricks with those rare, weird, cultish gems...the shows no one knows, the songs you can't hum...Oh, and some Sondheim, too!

Biggest find: Nefertiti...which played on Broadway for 44 performances and POOF! It was gone, and I MEAN GONE.  You couldn't find it!  They did make a cast album,
but try to find that, in its LP format even! (They never made it into a CD, nor can you find much research...the liner notes on the album are IT.)  So it has been discovered (on ebay!), and we will suffer...I mean, ENJOY 4 numbers from this thing.  Andrea Marcovicci played the Egyptian queen, Robert Lupone (yup, Patti's brother) was Akhnaton, and Michael Nouri played the mean Pharoah, who knocks everybody off at the end.  Spoiler Alert, but hey, that's history. 

We'll take that edge off with Seesaw...and Camelot....and Cinderella, the original (televised live!) production of 1957 with Dame Julie...and then go right back at it with a sample of a French musical, Romeo & Juliette, which was tremendously popular in Europe in the early 2000's, but we were never hip enough to get it on this side of the pond, I guess.

And a new favorite...Take Me To The World, from Evening Primrose.  Listen for a young Anthony Perkins.  :))) Thanks for indulging me! 

It's Not Where You Start, It's Where You Finish (Tommy Tune, Seesaw)
Louisiana Purchase (Deborah Gravitte, Ensemble, Louisiana Purchase)
You Can't Brush Me Off (James Ludwig, Alet Oury, Louisiana Purchase)
Sex Marches On (Michael McGrath, John Wylie, Ensemble, Louisiana Purchase)
Dance With Me (The New York Voices, Louisiana Purchase)
Camelot (Richard Burton, Camelot)
The Lusty Month Of May (Julie Andrews, Camelot)
The Seven Deadly Virtues (Roddy McDowall, Camelot)
C'est Moi (Robert Goulet, Camelot)
Merano (Ensemble, Chess)
Quartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility) (Ensemble, Chess)
Les Rois Du Monde (Company, Romeo et Juliette)
Who's That Woman? (Phyllis Newman, Barbara Cook, Lee Remick, Elaine Stritch,
You Could Drive A Person Crazy (Bernadette Peters, Sondheim, Etc./Company)
Live Alone And Like It (John Barrowman, Putting It Together/Dick Tracy)
All For You (Lauren Ward, Saturday Night)
Take Me To The World (Charmian Carr, Anthony Perkins, Evening Primrose)
Good Thing Going (George Hearn, Putting It Together/Merrily We Roll Along)
Send In The Clowns (Glynis Johns, A Little Night Music)
A Lovely Night (Julie Andrews, Kaye Ballard, Alice Ghostley, Cinderella)
Stepsisters' Lament (Kaye Ballard, Alice Ghostley, Cinderella)
Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful (Julie Andrews, Jon Cypher, Cinderella)
Impossible; It's Possible (Edie Adams, Julie Andrews, Cinderella)
Whatever Happened To Me (Michael Nouri, Nefertiti)
Pardon Me A Minute (Andrea Marcovicci, Nefertiti)
Beautiful Has Come (Robert Lupone, Nefertiti)
Someone Is Here (Andrea Marcovicci, Ensemble, Nefertiti)
Seesaw (Company, Seesaw)
Welcome To Holiday Inn (Michele Lee, Seesaw)
We've Got It (Ken Howard, Seesaw)
Chapter 54, Number 1909 (Tommy Tune, Ken Howard, Michele Lee, Seesaw)

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