Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Playlist for Sunday, October 30: Square piece. Round hole.

Halloween and Broadway. Like candy corn and over-priced wine. A natural fit, right? Well, seeing how I dislike Phantom of the Opera (the musical kind) and Cats (the musical kind), I have to MAKE that fit happen. Mel Brooks, Nathan Lane, and Audrey II are ghoulish enough, right? A little spooky instrumentation and it's scary, right? This isn't Scooby Doo, okay?

And it's freezing! Do I really have to wear gloves and ear muffs to mow my lawn one last time? I came back from (arid, hot, sandaled) Austin, and the leaves had changed, the temps had plummeted, and all hell had broken loose. Well, not really. But I MISS the mild crunch of fall, or at least a milder introduction to FROST!  I have 17 beautiful fall blazers and there are usually about 4 days when I can wear them here in upstate NY. Well, not THIS fall.  THIS fall my fashion is out the window, while I reach for a frickin' parka. And I absolutely refuse to wear my new cowboy boots in the snow. Do you hear me???

So...missing. And trying to fit the puzzle pieces together for a new season and a new saga. Audra can help, so can Emma. And if we poke Fester, he'll sing a lovely poem to the moon. Let's try not to be too scared.

Puttin' On The Ritz (Roger Bart, Shuler Hensley, Young Frankenstein)
Da-Doo (Leilani Jones, Jennifer Leigh Warren, Sheila Kay Davis, Little Shop
     Of Horrors)
Feed Me (Lee Wilkof, Ron Taylor, Little Shop Of Horrors)
Sominex/Suppertime (Ellen Green, Ron Taylor, Little Shop Of Horrors)
Politics And Poker (Howard Da Silva, Ensemble, Fiorello!)
Gentleman Jimmy (Eileen Rodgers, Fiorello!)
The Name's LaGuardia (Tom Bosley, Fiorello!)
I Miss The Music (Jason Danieley, David Hyde Pierce, Curtains)
I Miss The Mountains (Alice Ripley, Next To Normal)
Miss Marmelstein (Barbra Streisand, I Can Get It For You Wholesale)
Miss What's Her Name (Debbie Gravitte, Miss Spectacular)
When You Wore A Tulip (Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, For Me And My Gal)
O'Brien To Ryan To Goldburg (Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Jules Munschin,
     Take Me Out To The Ball Game)
The Babbitt And The Bromide (Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Ziegfeld Follies)
What'd I Miss (Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom, Jr., Lin-Manuel Miranda, 
Ah, Miss (Victor Garber, Sarah Rice, Sweeney Todd)
I Guess I'll Miss The Man (Jill Clayburgh, Pippin)
The Legend Of Miss Baltimore Crab (Linda Hart, Hairspray)
I'll Be Here (Audra McDonald, Ordinary Days)
If Mountains Were Easy To Climb (Emma Williams, Mrs. Henderson Presents)
Overture/Prologue: A Warning To The Audience (Ensemble, A Gentleman's
     Guide To Love And Murder)
You're A D'ysquith (Jane Carr, Bryce Pinkham, A Gentleman's Guide To Love
     And Murder)
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun (Jefferson Mays, Ensemble, A Gentle-
     man's Guide To Love And Murder)
Morticia (Nathan Lane, The Addams Family)
Overture (Instrumental, The Addams Family)
The Moon And Me (Kevin Chamberlin, The Addams Family)
Welcome To Transylvania (Transylvania Quartet, Young Frankenstein)
Alone (Megan Mulally, Young Frankenstein)
Together Again (Christopher Fitzgerald, Roger Bart, Young Frankenstein)
Transylvania Mania (Roger Bart, Fred Applegate, Company,
     Young Frankenstein)

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