Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sunday Pastiche...Judy, Sammy, Baseball and Me

 From Judy's variety show,
26 episodes of which aired on CBS in 1963-64 season, 
"Maybe I'll Come Back"
became her closing number.
Changing producers like underware,
bad reviews and a bad timeslot (opposite Bonanza?),
it lasted just one 1 season.

 Outtake Supreme (above)...
The Jitterbug from The Wizard of Oz.
For the dope on this crazy number,
listen on Sunday!
I'm not spilling the beans on it yet...
(And yes, it was good that they cut it.)

 Click on the above "string" of photos for a read of the captions...
but the top shows Adler and Ross with Eddie Fisher,
who knew them from their days of writing in the Brill Building,
here singing songs from Damn Yankees.
In the middle, "Heart" with those Washington Senators:
Albert Linville, Nathaniel Frey, Jimmy Komack and Russ Brown.
At the bottom, Adler and Ross at right, rehearsing those same 
"ball players".

 Above and below...Little Me.
Some of the dancing Doughboys above,
and below, Swen Swenson, singer and dancer in the show,
recording "I've Got Your Number".
Swen also starred in Wildcat (another Coleman/Leigh musical)
with Lucille Ball, Annie, No No Nanette, and Can Can.

 A rehearsal still from Golden Boy,
with Sammy and Paula Wayne,
and a promotional shot below.
If they sold popcorn in theatres in 1964,
several boxes of it would have dropped
when Sammy and Paula shared the first interracial kiss
on a Broadway stage.
Charles Strouse (his favorite musical) and Lee Adams provided
the jazzy urban score.
 Also featured in Golden Boy
was Billy Daniels, above,
(we'll hear his "While The City Sleeps"),
a nightclub singer and recording star 
("That Old Black Magic") of the 50s.
I couldn't resist the photo below of Billy and 
a lot of people you may already have heard of...
from the back left:
Harry Belafonte, Sugar Ray, Billy Daniels, Billy Eckstine, and Nat King Cole.

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