Friday, August 5, 2016

It's On Random!

 Spring Awakening, 2006,
starring Jonathan Groff as Melchior,
above center,
with John Gallagher, Jr. and Lea Michele.
The creators below...Duncan Sheik
(whose American Psycho opened this spring on Broadway)
and Steven Sater...
all based on a German play (written in 1891)
which was so controversial in its day
that it had to wait 15 years to be produced.
The Times called the musical
"brave, haunting, and electrifying".

On a lighter note,
we'll hear Stephen Bogardus and 
"Blue Skies"
from a Broadway production of White Christmas.
Reviewers called it " old Necco Wafers stale."
Okay, I'm paraphrasing, but yeah, really!
Still... Irving Berlin and all. :)

And even lighter...
Buddy Love (aka Jerry Lewis)
from The Nutty Professor, 1963,
in his slick rendition of "That Old Black Magic".
Below with Stella Stevens, wrapped in his spell.
Some thought that Buddy was a parody of Dean Martin,
though Lewis denied this.
Buddy was very successful in his own right,
garnering more fan mail than Jerry for awhile.

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