Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sunday Dreamers

 Debbie Reynolds (sans cake)
and "All I Do Is Dream Of You,"
from Singin' in the Rain,
but originally written for the movie
Sadie McKee
with Joan Crawford...yup, that singing and dancing star. 
 A young Bernadette
leading a Busby Berkeley line up
Dames at Sea.
We'll hear "Sailor Of My Dreams."
 Doris will be on hand to sing
"Dream A Little Dream Of Me"
that Mamas and Papas hit...
but written way back in 1931.

 I fall off the Broadway "Bandwagon" (again)
with Peggy Lee and "Street Of Dreams"...
It's worth the falling.

 From Disney's Tangled, released in 2010,
Brad Garrett voices a thug with musical qualities:
"I've Got A Dream."

Ilene Woods, who at the age of 15, had her own radio show,
sang for the demo recording of 3 potential Cinderella songs.
Walt Disney loved her voice and chose her (over 300 other auditioners)
to be the voice of Cinderella. 
We'll hear one of those first 3 songs,
"A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes."

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