Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our Birthday Boys!

 Ira Gershwin...born Dec. 6th, 1896,
wrote more than a dozen Broadway shows with brother George
(below left).
When George passed away in 1937,
Ira went on to write with Jerome Kern, Kurt Weill,
and Harold Arlen. 

 Noel Coward (Dec. 16, 1899)
was a playwright, actor, composer, and bon vivant.
Why wouldn't he write a musical?
 "Why am I always expected to wear a dressing-gown, smoke cigarettes in a 
long holder and say 'Darling, how wonderful'?"
We'll hear 2 of his songs...
I Went to a Marvelous Party, and Later Than Spring.
 Adolph Green (left), born Dec. 2, 1914...
half the lyricist team of (Betty) Comden and Green.
They wrote lyrics AND screenplays aplenty,
like the book for Singin' In The Rain and The Band Wagon.
Later in life, Adolph returned to an early love: acting.
But, nope, Comden and Green were NOT married to each.

 Lew Brown (center), born Dec. 12th, 1893)
often wrote lyrics with Buddy Da Silva (left) for 
songs that became depression era classics,
like You're the Cream in My Coffee and Button Up Your Overcoat,
set to the melodies of Ray Henderson (right).
Composer Harold Arlen (left), Lew, and Eddie Cantor...
on the set of Baby Face.

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