Friday, November 13, 2015

Some of Sunday's Dancers!

 Fred and Ginger 
cavorting to Let's Face The Music and do the inevitable,
an Irving Berlin goodie
from Follow The Fleet, 1936.

 Carol Channing Dolly-ing it up with LBJ...
a command performance for Lady Bird, et. al.

 Betty Hutton and
"Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry,"
from The Fleet's In, 1942...

 ...and Arthur himself (with Kathryn, his wife and dance partner).
Arthur took dance lessons at the studios of Irene and Vernon Castle,
invented the footprint diagram method of teaching,
and when that went south, 
opened the Arthur Murray chain of dance studios.
He died in 1991, but many of his studios still remain in operation.

 Michael Kidd's Barn Dance choreography
from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.
Several of the "brothers", like Tommy Rall and Jacques d'Amboise,
where classically trained ballet dancers,
slumming in flannel. 

Bobby Short,
Carlyle denizen and Gershwin interpreter par excellence.

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