Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Playlist for Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015: Pass the Marmite.

Wooster and Jeeves, Scooge, Oliver, King George and Davy Jones....where did all this Topsy Turvy English stuff come from?  I didn't MEAN to put all this British "tea tray" falderol in one show. Chu Chin Chow, that long running grandfather of all musicals, yes, he came in to play, and by the time I got him in his crate, he'd let in all of Downton Abbey!

So I had to balance all those accents with American history (Hamilton) and overthetopness (Something Rotten!) and the idea of work, dammit, for 40 hours a week, pull yourself up by your own garters/boot straps and produce (Working). A little Shirley Temple, as American as raspberry pie.  And Gwen and Mary and even Snow White to settle our feet on the old sod.

True, I always was an Anglophile, hence my love of all things sconed and marmited, but balance is key.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast, with all that Food, Glorious Food. Just hold the ketchup.

Welcome To The Renaissance (Ensemble, Something Rotten!)
Food, Glorious Food (Ensemble, Oliver)
Who Will Buy? (Ensemble, Oliver)
You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two (Clive Revill, Davy Jones, Oliver)
What'd I Miss? (Leslie Odom, Jr., Daveed Diggs, Hamilton)
What Comes Next? (Jonathan Groff, Hamilton)
Helpless (Renee Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo, Lin-Manuel Miranda,
Here Be Oysters (Inia Te Wiata, Chu Chin Chow)
The Olive Tree (Alfred Drake, Kismet)
The Cobbler's Song (Inia Te Wiata, Chu Chin Chow)
Behold The Lord High Executioner (Martin Savage, Topsy Turvy)
You Should See Yourself (Gwen Verdon, Sweet Charity)
Why Shouldn't I? (Mary Martin, Mexican Hayride)
We Should Be Together (Shirley Temple, George Murphy, Little Miss
What They Never Tell You (Tyne Daly, It Shoulda Been You)
All The Live Long Day (Ensemble, Working)
Workout (Instrumental, Golden Boy)
Millwork (Bobo Lewis, Working)
Nice Work If You Can Get It (Fred Astaire, Damsel In Distress)
It Needs Work (Kay McClelland, City Of Angels)
Whistle While You Work (Adriana Caselotti, Ensemble, Snow White & The
              Seven Dwarfs)
Wooster Will Entertain You (John Scherer, Martin Jarvis, By Jeeves)
Inside Out (A Gentleman's Guide To Love And Murder)
That Was Nearly Us (Donna Lynn Champlin, John Scherer, By Jeeves)
Once You Lose Your Heart (Maryann Plunkett, Me & My Girl)
I Could Be Happy With You (Simon Green, Jane Wellman, The Boy Friend)
God I Hate Shakespeare (Bryan D'Arcy James, Something Rotten!)
Hard To Be The Bard (Christian Borle, Something Rotten!)
Brush Up Your Shakespeare (James Whitmore, Keenan Wynn, Kiss Me, Kate)
Thank You Very Much (Albert Finney, Anton Rodgers, Scrooge)
Thanks For The Memory (Bob Hope, Shirley Ross, The Big Broadcast of 1938)

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