Thursday, May 28, 2015


 Murder for Two opened off-Broadway in 2013...
after winning Best New Musical awards in Chicago (2011)...
written by Joe Kinosian and Kellen Blair, directed by Scott Schwartz
(yup, Stephen Schwartz's son!)
An Agatha Christie-worthy murder mystery with
a plethora of suspects, all with equally-motivating motivations
to do away with novelist Arthur Whitney who dies
almost before the stage lights come up.

 Jeff Blumenkrantz (the bald one) played all the suspects,
from Dahlia (the newly widowed Southern Belle), 
to Barrett Lewis (prima ballerina/mistress who's killed before),
to 3 members of the boys choir hired for entertainment
(they're from Badoinkaville).
And more.

It's left to Brett Ryback, right, 
played aspiring detective Marcus Moscowicz,
to untangle the plot knots and find the perpetrator.

Both actors man the piano with aplomb,
taking turns accompanying each other
or duetting. 
With no more than that one instrument, one or two props,
a badge, and a pair of glasses...
they make theatre.

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