Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Gentleman's Guide: Murder Most Foul

 Starring Jefferson Mays, playing 8 D'Ysquith family members,
(at center in red, as Lord Adalbert),
and Bryce Pinkham as Monty...
"Gentleman's Guide" opened in 2013,
winning the Tony for Best Musical.
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Lutvak and Robert L. Freedman.

 "Poison In My Pocket,"
with Catherine Walker, Bryce (with saw) and Jefferson,
here as Asquith D'Ysquith, Jr. 
(Say that 3 times fast!)

 "You're A D'Ysquith!"
Rachel Izen as Miss Shingle, and Bryce.

 "Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun",
the one murder Monty DIDN'T commit.

Jefferson in his 8 D'Ysquith characters...
was called "dazzling" by the critics,
and the show noted for its "fizzily witty turns of phrase."
Go see's still running!

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